Innovative Skills Workshops to Help You Shine

You know where you want to be.  But the path to realizing your goals is hazy.  We can help you clear the fog.  Sometimes you just need the help of an experienced coach to see things more clearly.

We start at the basic foundation of strategy – understanding where you want to be, whether you’re a professional looking to polish some skills or a job seeker looking create that powerful first impression.

We’ll help you see things much more clearly.  And then we’ll help you shine.

Strategy.  Execution. Results.


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WORKSHOPS: Presentation Skills / Interview Skills / Public Speaking / Working with the Media / Panel Participation Skills

As a job seeker, it’s one thing to have a compelling resume, but you still have to sell yourself.  Our consultants and coaches have worked with individuals and companies on both sides of the metaphorical hiring desk.

If you are on the employer side, we can help first and foremost with the recruiting process.  But we also can provide invaluable coaching for managers new to the hiring process on how to conduct effective hiring interviews.

If you are on the job seeker side of the desk, we can work with you at all levels from basic public appearance and first impressions to public speaking and interview skills.

Need to polish your team’s skills for working with the media?  We have the experts to help everyone on your team.

Pull up a chair.  Let’s talk about your individual or team goals, ambitions, strengths, and any areas where you would like to grow.  We’re here to help.

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Special Events / Promotions / Marketing Programs

Who says work can’t be fun?   We love doing special events for our clients.  Our team brings more than 20 years of experience creating, planning, organizing and managing effective and memorable events throughout the country.  Our team will ensure your special event hits the mark with your customers and prospects.  The types of events we can put together for you include:

Job Fairs; Open House Events

VIP Special Events and Tours

Local / Community / Regional Events

Analyst and Media Briefings

Sales Team Meetings / Kickoff Meetings

Resort and Destination Activities


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We Treat You Like Family and Friends

At Team Libra Solutions, we take great pride in establishing long-term friendships with our clients.  Our success is the direct result of your success.  We work with a limited number of clients at any given time.  We absolutely operate under the philosophy of “Less Clients, More Service.”

So, whatever challenge you are facing – as an individual trying to advance your career or polish some skills, or a company looking to create or change market perception – our consultants can guide you down the path to achieving your goals.

Companies are successful when the workforce is successful.  We’ve worked with organizations ranging from start-up companies with five employees, to divisions of multi-national companies with tens of thousands of employees.  We have organized meetings for our clients at exotic locations, lavish hotels, incredible resorts – and we’ve pulled together late night brainstorming sessions in crowded meeting rooms.

We’ll do what it takes to make you successful – because that is the only path to success for our team.


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Start-up Company?

Mid-size to Large Company?


For Profit?

Community or Regional Event?

The answer is YES!   Team Libra Solutions can help.

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