A Strategic Communications Advisory Group

Team Libra is a boutique strategic communications advisory group focused on serving a limited group of exceptional clients.

The consultants at Team Libra bring decades of experience working with companies of all sizes and at all levels of maturity.  We have helped clients ranging from start-up companies in stealth mode to Fortune 100 organizations.

Team Libra’s experience runs deep.  Our passion runs even deeper

Our roots go back to 1995 with The Bernhardt Agency (Portland, OR), an award-winning, nationally recognized strategic communications and public relations agency.  Oregon Business magazine named The Bernhardt Agency as the #1 small business to work for in 2003, and for the third year in a row, the top marketing agency overall. Team Libra’s legacy includes several other widely recognized strategic communications agencies including Noblemen Communications and Grid Strategies, and eventually, our brand evolved into Libra Strategic Communications, now known as Team Libra.

We engage with our clients on short- and long-term assignments

Our clients turn to us for advisory services, coaching, staffing, training, and developing and sometimes implementing strategic communications plans – from the ‘how to get started’ phase of launching a new business or entering a new market, to creating or refining an organization’s storytelling capability to better position their companies, products and services.  The duration of each engagement is determined based on each client’s particular needs.

A core benefit of working with Team Libra is our holistic approach to helping our clients build powerful, highly effective communications teams and spokespeople.  To do this, we go one big step beyond the typical engagement of working on marketing plans, messaging and collateral development. We address the challenges facing a client’s communications processes, organizational structure and outreach channels, providing an assessment of the effectiveness of existing programs.

Our philosophy and approach is based on identifying a client’s key challenges and capabilities as they align with the organization’s business objectives, and customizing a solution package that best fits each client. When mutually agreed to as an added benefit, we work with our clients to provide mentoring and coaching of key individuals.

It’s All About the Team

We place a strong emphasis on helping our clients build efficient and successful teams with a focus on impactful and memorable story telling.  By offering our services directly at the level of the individual contributors, spokespeople, and business owners, we are able to help our clients strengthen and reenergize their existing teams and outreach capabilities.

Our team is here to work hand-in-hand with your team.  Teamwork is the key to success.