Welcome to Team Libra – A Strategic Market Relations and Communications Advisory Group

Team Libra is a boutique strategic market relations and communications advisory group focused on serving a limited portfolio of exceptional clients. Our team’s insight, experience, and creativity strategically transports our clients from the starting line all the way to exceptional and memorable networking and VIP meetings and special events.

From Strategic Planning to Complete Program and Project Execution

The consultants at Team Libra bring decades of experience working with companies of all sizes and at all levels of maturity.  We have helped clients ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 100 organizations, often working under strict NDA agreements or in stealth mode, behind the scenes, helping our clients develop markets, relationships, collateral materials, and their own storytelling acumen.

Team Libra’s experience runs deep.  Our passion runs even deeper.

Our roots go back to 1995 with The Bernhardt Agency (Portland, OR), an award-winning, nationally recognized strategic market relations and communications agency. With an impressive roster of clients throughout the country, Oregon Business magazine named The Bernhardt Agency as the #1 small business to work for in 2003, and for the third year in a row, the top marketing agency overall. Our legacy includes several other widely recognized market relations and communications agencies including Noblemen Communications and Grid Strategies.  Today we are recognized as Team Libra.

We engage with our clients on short- and long-term assignments.

Our clients turn to us for advisory services, coaching, staffing, training, VIP meetings and special events, and frequently, the end-to-end tactical execution of the organization’s strategic marketing, communications, and outreach plans. We support our customers at various points along their take-to-market journeys, from the ‘how to get started’ phase of launching a new business or entering a new market, to creating or refining the organization’s storytelling capability to better position their companies, products, and services. When needed, we have the depth to support the full execution of marketing, outreach, and public relations campaigns.

A core benefit of working with Team Libra is our holistic approach to helping our clients build powerful, highly effective communications teams and spokespeople based on a candid assessment of business goals aligned with customer and market perceptions.  To do this, we go one big step beyond the typical agency engagement of working on marketing plans, messaging, and collateral development. We address the challenges facing a client’s communications processes, organizational structure, and outreach channels, providing an assessment of existing programs and any missing components, along with our recommendations for areas of improvement.

A significant and unique added value of working with Team Libra is our ability to help our clients develop strategic market relations plans connected to the organization’s business objectives, a foundational aspect of business growth that is often overlooked by young companies. Utilizing our skills of networking and team building, we support our clients with exceptional creative and memorable VIP events and meeting planning services.

We offer flexible advisory and tactical execution services.

Team Libra’s successful approach is based on identifying and validating a client’s key challenges and execution capabilities, understanding how they align with the organization’s business objectives, and customizing a solution package that best fits each client. From market perception audits to market relations to strategic communications planning and execution, we work with each client to show them the skills they need to be successful. When a client’s resources are constrained, we can step in to handle any aspect of program execution.

Teamwork is foundational to success. Let’s do this together.