VIP Events & Meeting Services

November 2023

Team Libra offers complete VIP events and meeting services, and we are pleased to announce the appointment of April H. Hanks to the position of Director, Event Planning Services.

April is a seasoned professional with several decades of experience creating, organizing, and managing VIP events. April spent 20 years with Intel Corporation and subsequently worked with leading organizations such as Pratt & Whitney, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Growth Science Ventures.

Team Libra’s expertise in the special events area enables us to provide a positive, memorable experience for our client’s guests, with attention to every detail from planning to execution.

We primarily focus on groups of 20-50 people, however, we have also successfully managed larger group sales meetings, retreats, and summits in excess of 300 participants.

If you are an agency and need that extra support for a client’s meetings or special events, we can work as an extension of your team.

If you represent an organization looking to make a long-lasting impact with your lead customers, channel partners, advisors, or investors, we can help you plan the perfect event.

For more information on how Team Libra can support your VIP events, contact us at