IST-2 Individual Speaker Training / Coaching & Workshop

The success of your business depends on your team’s ability to tell your story—with enthusiasm and passion

Effective messaging creates impressions and shapes perceptions. Impactful messages will be short and memorable, leaving the audience with a feeling—an impression of your company, your value proposition, and your credibility as a reflection of the person delivering the messages.

What organizations often fail to realize is the basic truth of individualism. Each person assigned the responsibility of representing your company as an individual spokesperson is different. Each person has their own style, comfort level, and ability to engage with an audience.

Coaching individuals to become more effective speakers is not a cookie-cutter, text book process.

Team Libra’s approach is highly customized to work with clients on enhancing public speaking skills and techniques that fit the personality and comfort level of the individual.

Our consultants have conducted hundreds of workshops over the past several decades through which we have helped build confident, corporate spokespeople in numerous industries. With our guidance, we help the presenters go through a process of questioning and verifying key aspects of the target audiences—the buying influences, the market and customer perceptions, the perceived value proposition(s) of what the client offers, and what we see as the individual spokesperson’s potential barriers to success.

We lead candid discussions to better understand customer and market perceptions. We review what products or services the company is trying to better position. This is critical groundwork that many organizations skip right over. Developing a solid messaging framework and then incorporating those key messages into collateral and presentations is absolutely key to any organization’s success, but in the end, organizations need highly effective spokespeople to deliver those messages.

As part of this service, our consultants will assist with

  • Strategic planning of content
  • Review of existing presentations
  • Research assistance
  • Outline development
  • Review of messages and alternative positioning
  • Guidance on direction and content

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