Team Libra offers a flexible portfolio of Advisory Group and Steering Committee Services

Sometimes you just need a guide to help you stay on course.

Our clients often think of us as “guides” helping them navigate the challenging, and in some cases, uncharted waters of established and emerging markets. We have experience working with companies of all sizes and at all stages of market growth. Our consultants can help you plan and form your advisory groups, or we can join your already established group as a member.  Organizations contacting us for strategic advisory services have ranged from public and private, well-established companies to start-up operations still in stealth mode.

We are currently active in many advisory service categories, including:


Director Boards

Advisory Boards

Advisory Councils

Steering Committees


Beyond our senior advisory services, our team can provide a wide range of execution services on a project basis, such as an audit of your market relations infrastructure, surveys to better understand customer perceptions, and audits to validate your communications strategy, or messaging.

When needed, we can provide full planning, implementation, and management of market development programs, marketing and communications campaigns, and outreach services including public/media relations.

Whatever your market development challenges are, we have the experience to customize a full portfolio of services for maximum impact. We accept short-term projects and long-term assignments.