Messaging and Content Development

Telling your story effectively starts with the most basic building blocks.  It all starts with messaging.

The Team Libra consultants excel at messaging and content development.

Our advisors can help you develop highly effective, impactful messaging to build a solid foundation for all outreach materials, ranging from website content to presentations, and when needed, messaging can be specifically customized for specific audiences.

Board meetings     Investor presentations     Sales presentations     Employee communications
Marketing collateral     Conference speaking engagements
Press releases     Websites

Developing effective messaging requires the team to address a range of questions, including:

  •  What do people need to know, believe or care about in order to become engaged with the issue at the heart of our value proposition?
  • What are the statistics, anecdotes, metrics, milestones that can be used to win people over?
  • Based on the reading or viewing habits of the target audience(s), how often does the messaging need to be refreshed?
  • What obstacles such as media or community-influenced perceptions do we need to address?
  • Are we trying to influence different actions from different audiences?