Executive Coaching and Counseling services are designed to accommodate the unique needs and lifestyles of top corporate executives

Today’s savvy executives are frequently looking to polish some aspect of personal image related to public appearances. This could include a wide range of topics, from public speaking skills to social and business etiquette, cultural differences training, and even appearance considerations.

This is not the type of coaching that is best handled in group sessions. It’s personal.

Professional development in these areas is not the type of coaching or feedback an executive is likely to receive from peers or staff members. This type of coaching has to come from outside. Team Libra’s senior consultants are experienced at taking on a mentor-style relationship with executives and celebrities who seek to keep this type of coaching at a more personal level.

Utilizing our unique approach to this type of mentoring relationship, our consultants will often observe the client as he or she goes about their daily activities- often remotely and without visibility. The consultant will develop an intimate understanding of the executive’s communications style. body language, and projected attitude. This is all key to public speaking, public appearances and overall image projection.

Some executives choose this service to help with a very limited area in which they seek improvement or confidence building. Others have chosen to have one of our consultants shadow them for longer periods, what we call a shadow coach, in order to provide a more rounded external perspective and image enhancement plan.

Typical engagements can be as brief as a 3-4 hour session, or an ongoing working relationship that spans several months.

Executives and upcoming celebrities benefit in several ways:

  • Build confidence as a public speaker / corporate spokesperson
  • Learn techniques of celebrity-style speaking
  • Better understand the art of engagement
  • Validate their speaking techniques / address areas of concern
  • Receive feedback and guidance for personal image enhancement