In 2010, the Team Libra consultants developed a customizable, experiential workshop labeled, “Messaging & Media Mastery.”

This workshop has been adapted to serve the needs of dozens of organizations and used to train and coach more than 350 corporate spokespeople.

The workshop is typically conducted for groups of 4 to 10 people.  Every module in this course can be customized to fit the client’s unique needs.

One of the aspects that make this a unique offering is the focus on understanding the role of the reporter and how to build long-term, rewarding media relationships.

This is not a textbook course.  This is a highly interactive workshop built on mentoring, coaching, and educating.

If you would like to polish the skills of your spokespeople and ensure they are comfortable and effective when they do have to work with the media, we can offer Messaging and Media Mastery to your team – from top executives to product line managers.  We can add modules for speaking at public conferences, making effective presentations from exhibit hall booth locations, participating on panels, and pretty much any other scenarios you might need to deal with.

Give us a call.  We are happy to discuss the various options.