XC-1 Executive Coaching / Counseling

Team Libra’s Executive Coaching and Counseling services are designed to accommodate the unique needs and lifestyles of spokespeople at all levels

Today’s savvy executives are frequently looking to polish some aspect of personal image related to public appearances along with improving their storytelling skills. This could include a wide range of topics, from public speaking and storytelling skills to social and business etiquette, small and large group presentation skills and techniques for participating on public/conference panel discussions.

This is not the type of coaching that is best handled in group sessions. It’s personal. Professional development in these areas is not the type of coaching or feedback an executive is likely to receive from peers or staff members. This type of coaching must come from outside. Team Libra’s senior consultants are experienced at taking on a mentor-style relationship with executives who seek to benefit from this type of coaching at a more personal and customized level.

Speaker graphic

Once the consultant has a clear understanding of the spokesperson’s role and responsibilities, the two will collaborate on a schedule and coaching plan designed to develop or enhance specific skills such as communications style changes, body language awareness, engaging with an audience, or attitude projection. These are beneficial to internal and external spokespeople, and key to delivering effective, impactful presentations and leading team discussions among mixed groups.

The consultant will help the executive to better understand his or her own strengths and weaknesses with regards to public speaking, public appearances and overall image projection.

Some executives choose this service to address a very limited area in which they seek improvement or confidence building. Other executives havechosen to have one of our consultants shadow them for some period of time in order to provide a more rounded external perspective and image enhancement plan.

Executives have used our coaching services to achieve the following goals:

  • Build confidence as a public speaker
  • Build confidence in terms of business and social etiquette in multi-cultural environments
  • Learn techniques of celebrity-style speaking
  • Improve public appearance and presentation skills

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