XC-2 Executive Review / Critique

You already have your messages defined. You have your speech or your presentation prepared. You’re scheduled to make your public appearance. What you need now is some professional coaching and an external perspective on how to maximize your impact.

Team Libra’s consultants offer a unique Executive Review and Critique service that supports you in real time – anywhere. We’ll travel to meet you wherever you are making your next public appearance, or we can attend your virtual presentation.

Our consultants will work with you via video chat or in person, to map out objectives and discuss particular areas of emphasis. Then, our consultants will attend the event (virtual or in-person) at which you are speaking to observe you in action.

Following your speech or presentation, a written review and critique is submitted, along with suggestions for areas of improvement, from public speaking skills to attitude projection. A suggested coaching workshop will be recommended if the consultant believes it would be of value.

This service is a tremendous value for any corporate or product spokespeople looking to enhance their public appearance skills.